Wednesday, May 8, 2013

New Bookstore to Open Its Doors in Downtown Santa Barbara

Exciting news!! A new independent bookstore called Granada Books will be opening in downtown Santa Barbara on June 20, 2013.

Two days ago, I read an online article in The Independent titled New Bookstore Opening Downtown by Barney Brantingham. In his article, Mr. Brantingham writes the following:
Two years after Borders and Barnes & Noble closed in downtown Santa Barbara, a new bookstore is poised to open June 20.

Owners of the independent Granada Books opened its door for tours Thursday (no best-sellers or even shelves yet) at 1224 State Street, a few doors from the Granada Theatre.

“I’m doing it out of love for the community I love and for the arts of Santa Barbara,” co-founder and financial backer Emmett McDonough told The Independent. Co-founder is community activist Sharon Hoshida, former director of the UCSB Women’s Center.
I'm looking forward to visiting this bookstore after it opens next month! I love independent bookstores!!

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