Friday, May 10, 2013

Making Rounds with Oscar by Dr. David Dosa

Oscar is Extraordinary!!
I thoroughly enjoyed reading Making Rounds with Oscar by Dr. David Dosa!!

I must preface by saying that when I first heard about 'Making Rounds with Oscar', I thought this book was going to be just another book about a cat... I love cats by the way, but I couldn't have been more wrong about what this book encompasses.

Yes, Oscar is the star of the show and he does capture our hearts throughout  'Making Rounds with Oscar'... But there is so much more going on in this book other than Oscar's extraordinary skills to give comfort.

We also read about geriatrician, Dr. David Dosa, who works with elderly patients who have dementia. Through reading 'Making Rounds with Oscar', I felt Dr. Dosa to be a thoughtful and compassionate doctor who cares deeply about his patients, their family members, and the staff who he works with at Steer House.

In an article titled Dr. David Dosa Profiles Cat Who Predicts Deaths In New Book by Ray Henry for the Huffington Post, Ray Henry writes the following:
"People actually were taking great comfort in this idea, that this animal was there and might be there when their loved ones eventually pass," Dosa said. "He was there when they couldn't be."
Dosa, 37, a geriatrician and professor at Brown University, works on the third floor of the Steere House, which treats patients with severe dementia. It's usually the last stop for people so ill they cannot speak, recognize their spouses and spend their days lost in fragments of memory.

He once feared that families would be horrified by the furry grim reaper, especially after Dosa made Oscar famous in a 2007 essay in the New England Journal of Medicine. Instead, he says many caregivers consider Oscar a comforting presence, and some have praised him in newspaper death notices and eulogies.

"Maybe they're seeing what they want to see," he said, "but what they're seeing is a comfort to them in a real difficult time in their lives."
Click on above link to read the full article. It's a good one.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading 'Making Rounds with Oscar' by. Dr. David Dosa. It was an amazing book to read.

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