Friday, November 23, 2012

Vampire For Christmas by Felicity Heaton

Vampire For Christmas by Felicity Heaton is yet another holiday themed novella I've read this year just in time for the start of the holiday season. Vampire For Christmas is a steamy paranormal romance.

I enjoy the holiday season, but I wanted to move away from traditional holiday tales and read something slightly different this season. I felt that Vampire For Christmas by Felicity Heaton was off the beaten path as this novel combines the romance, Christmas and vampire genres together.

The basic plot summary for Vampire For Christmas involves Shannon, a demon hunter with the undisclosed agency, who is working her last assignment with Rafe, a reformed vampire, before being transferred to a new location and working solo assignments as a demon hunter. Together Shannon and Rafe have been perfect partners in saving humankind from the demons that have plagued the mankind. Together they keep the world safe.

Shannon can hardly wait to complete her last assignment with Rafe and move on with her life. She can't stand vampires or any other type of demons, which is why she hunts them down. Even though Rafe is a reformed Vampire, Shannon still doesn't trust him. 

Rafe has fallen in love with Shannon during the two years they've been demon hunting partners. Yet Rafe has been unable to share his feelings with Shannon and he realizes he must do so soon or risk losing her forever. 

Will Rafe share his feelings of love with Shannon before it is too late? If so, will Shannon reciprocate his feelings? Or will her past continue to haunt her and keep her from falling in love with a good man despite the fact he's a vampire?

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