Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Jasinda Wilder -- Author Spotlight!

Book 1
I've recently become acquainted with the writing of author, Jasinda Wilder. I've read the first three  short stories in Ms. Wilder's 'Big Girls Do It' series:

Big Girls Do It Better, Big Girls Do It Wetter, and Big Girls Do It Wilder

There's even a 4th short stories in this erotica series titles Big Girls Do It On Top, which I have yet to read. All 4 short stories are eBooks and may be purchased through the Amazon website individually or all together as a boxed set.
Book 2

As I'm sure you've guessed by the title, the lead character, Anna, is a plus sized woman. She's a disc jockey with an amazing voice who finds the hottie of her dreams, Chase (aka Mr. Sexypants), while working as as a disc jockey at a club with her DJ business partner, Jeff. Anna hooks up with Chase in book #1 for quite a hot romance.

Book 3

In book #2, Anna hooks up with her DJ partner, Jeff, after Chase leaves for New York to record a record with his band. 

Jeff has had a crush on Anna forever and the two of them connect in 'Big Girls Do It Wetter'.

In book #3, Anna is invited to New York to reunite with Chase, but is only burned by him in the end. Chase becomes a scoundrel in my eyes in the third installment, 'Big Girls Do It Wilder'. 

Book 4
I only wish that Anna hadn't suckered up and gone running back to Chase when it seemed like she had a good thing going with Jeff, her DJ partner in Big Girls Do It Wetter.

I'm looking forward to reading Big Girls Do It On Top in the future.

Until my next post, happy reading! 


  1. Eek! You got me all excited about these books! I can't wait to read them now!

    1. I'm glad I have you excited about reading this series... I admit that I haven't finished reading the entire series myself!! So many books, so little time is my excuse!! I'll see if I can finish of the series in 2015. I'm pretty over committed now in terms of reads!!