Thursday, November 8, 2012

The BFG by Roald Dahl

As a youngster, I had enjoyed reading Roald Dahl's novels, James & the Giant Peach and Charlie & the Chocolate Factory.

So, when I had received the audiobook version of The BFG by Roald Dahl from a fellow Bookcrosser, I looked forward to listening to it.

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to The BFG!! It's an amazing story --- well written, fun and engaging! The audiobook dramatization of this children's novel was superb and only enhanced the already wonderful story.

The following is an Amazon Review of The BFG:
Evidently not even Roald Dahl could resist the acronym craze of the early eighties. BFG? Bellowing ferret-faced golfer? Backstabbing fairy godmother? Oh, oh ... Big Friendly Giant! This BFG doesn't seem all that F at first as he creeps down a London street, snatches little Sophie out of her bed, and bounds away with her to giant land. And he's not really all that B when compared with his evil, carnivorous brethren, who bully him for being such an oddball runt. After all, he eats only disgusting snozzcumbers, and while the other Gs are snacking on little boys and girls, he's blowing happy dreams in through their windows. What kind of way is that for a G to behave? The BFG is one of Dahl's most lovable character creations. Whether galloping off with Sophie nestled into the soft skin of his ear to capture dreams as though they were exotic butterflies; speaking his delightful, jumbled, squib-fangled patois; or whizzpopping for the Queen, he leaves an indelible impression of bigheartedness.  
Until my next post, happy reading!!


  1. Oh! Who could forget Sofie and the BFG? Not me ... most definitely one of my favourites of Roal Dahl's books :D However, my brother used to pick on me about what those acronyms meant: The Big Farting Giant. Then, he's make loud, brakking farting noises and then - just to make it real - let off a real one to stink out the kitchen or the living room giggling as he did... accusing the Big Farting Giant of the stench as he ran from the room with me throwing the newspaper after him... :(

    Yep, that's what big brothers do... they pick on little sisters and their choices of reading material. :P

    1. Yes, brothers are notorious at being mischievous!