Thursday, November 22, 2012

Merrie Axemas by M. R. Sellers

I enjoyed reading Merrie Axemas by M. R. Sellers. It was a free download from Amazon that I was able to read on my iPad.

Merrie Axemas is described on the author's website as:
A creepy, holiday-themed, paranormal thriller novella.
Little Merrie Callahan is all grown up now.
She doesn’t believe in Santa anymore.
But she still has an axe to grind with the man in the red suit…

And, for FBI Special Agent Constance Mandalay, the Christmas Holiday will never be the same again.
Something happened in Hulis, Missouri on Christmas Day 1975, and for the residents of the small town it changed the season forever. Now, it’s happening again. For FBI Special Agent Constance Mandalay what starts out as a perplexing case turns into a waking nightmare, and the Christmas Holiday will never be the same for her again.
I don't usually read many 'paranormal thrillers', but had decided to expand my horizons by reading more books from different genres. I'm glad that I chose this particular novella as it is well written and I can see why it has received so many good reviews on Amazon's website. 

I enjoyed the fact that Merrie Axemas is a nontraditional holiday themed work of fiction, which made it more intriguing to read. Even though, this novella is billed as a 'paranormal thriller', I'd also think it would fall into the horror genre as well.

I also understand that Merrie Axemas is a shorter version of M. R. Sellars full length novel, In The Bleak Midwinterwhich I look forward to reading as well.

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