Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Do You Read Books While On Vacation?

Choosing to bring a book to read while I'm on vacation depends on several factors --- Like how long I'm going to be on vacation, the itinerary of my vacation, and so on. 

If I take a mini vacation somewhere, like a long weekend getaway with my hubby, I may not bring a book with me at all to read as I won't have the time for it. Or I may only take an audiobook to enjoy on the car trip to and from our destination.

If I go on a longer vacation, I'll usually bring a book or maybe two along with me to read depending on our itinerary. I usually manage to accomplish some reading while waiting at the airport to board our flight or during the flight itself. 

Then enjoy some reading at our destination if it's a relaxing vacation or as time permits. Otherwise if we have a lot planned during our vacation, then I won't have time for reading much, if at all.

Do you read books while on vacation?


  1. I always take a book with me when I go on holidays to the coast. However, my holidays there are becoming fewer as it's not my idea of holiday to be stuck in a caravan with my parents and a budgie - especially when it begins to pour rain and it doesn't stop for a week or two. Talk about cabin fever! Usually Mum and I are reading our books and Dad is there asking us if they're good reading with us mumbling for him to shut up and read his book... very distracting.

    So, now, while they're away on holidays, I get in and read a lot of books. It's a great way to get through my reading list without too many distractions; oh! And I don't go away with them anymore. I love to have the silence of the unit complex to myself (you wouldn't believe how many people go away for vacation over Christmas/NYE around here; even though they're not all that well off).
    I also get in and fix up my garden too. So, when my folks get back from holidays, they find that I've been busy around my place and happily pottering around reading, enjoying the quiet and doing things that really need doing.... not just reading. :)

    1. I actually did some reading while on a cruise through the Panama Canal with my hubby. I finished two books during our trip.

      Plus, I wild release 4 books during our vacation too. None of the books have been journalled yet, but one can always hope, right??