Thursday, September 20, 2012

Peru's Bryce Echenique Wins Book Prize!

I enjoy discovering which authors and books are given literary awards from countries around the world. This gives me the wonderful opportunity to learn more about authors and books that I am unfamiliar with even if the author or book has been around for a number of years... This is the case with Peruvian author Bryce Echenique and his 1970 novel "Un Mundo para Julius" (A World for Julius) as I've never heard of  Bryce Echenique before now.

In an article published on the Fox News Latino website on September 3, 2012, titled Peru's Bryce Echenique wins Mexican lit prize, I learned the following information:

Peruvian writer Alfredo Bryce Echenique won Monday the 2012 Guadalajara International Book Fair Prize in Romance Languages, jury spokesman Cãlin-Andrei Mihãilescu, the Canadian writer of Romanian origin, said.

Bryce Echenique, who was born in Lima in 1939, "is one of the fundamental figures of Latin American literature," the note announcing the jury's unanimous choice said.

The author of the 1970 novel "Un Mundo para Julius" (A World for Julius) will receive the award on Nov. 24 at the 26th edition of the book fair, the world's most important literary event in the Spanish language.

"This great observer of the life and literary and political explorations of the Latin Americans of his generation explores such themes as illness, happiness, love and sadness, and moves with equal effectiveness from short stories to novels," the jury said.
I look forward to reading A World for Julius by Bryce Echenique and exploring his other published works.


  1. You'd be better off reading about the controversy surrounding the prize instead of reading his books. He seems to be an absolute master of plagiarism (well, not really: I guess to be a real master, you shouldn't get caught).

    1. Wow, how scandalous!! I'll check out the controversy surrounding this book prize. So, you're saying Bryce Echenique plagiarized his book 'A World for Julius'??