Saturday, September 15, 2012

Arctic Circle Comic Strip

I recently discovered the Arctic Circle comic strip from another Bookcrosser. I'd never heard of this comic strip before and I was pleased to see that Bookcrossing was featured in Arctic Circle on September 11, 2012! View the Arctic Circle comic strip by clicking on the link above.


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    1. What do you want to know more about? --- The Arctic Circle Comic Strip or Bookcrossing?

      I've described what the Arctic Circle Comic Strip is about in the above post. To read the comic strip itself, click on the highlighted text above to read.

      Bookcrossing is a "community of book lovers who enjoy sharing books with others." Check out the Bookcrossing website at

    2. P. S. I'm a member of the Bookcrossing community and have been for over five years now. It's free to become a member of Bookcrossing and it has a great community of worldwide members.

      I've had fun interacting with other book lovers and avid readers around the world. Plus made many friends. I've enjoyed sharing books with other readers. Books I've read have traveled around the world to various countries in Europe, Asia, Australia, etc. The great part about Bookcrossing is that you see where your book travels and what other readers think of the book once they've read it.