Friday, September 28, 2012

Coronado by Dennis Lehane

Coronado by Dennis Lehane is another unabridged audiobook that I've finished listening to recently. 

Coronado is a collection of short stories and is the first book of published works I've read or listened by Dennis Lehane. I really enjoyed all of the short stories featured in this book, but the story titled, Until Gwen, was by far my favorite story in this collection. The stories were well written, gritty, and feature the darker side of humanity. 

Actor Stanley Tucci was the dramatic reader for Coronado and he did an awesome job of reading the entire collection of stories.

After Coronado had ended, there was an interview of Dennis Lehane that followed. I really enjoyed listening to this interview as I find it fascinating to hear about the author's writing process and other insightful information they share about what they've written. 

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