Tuesday, September 18, 2012

How to Save a Wet Book!

I hope that I never have to worry about saving a wet book from water damage and utter ruin! 

However, in the event that I need to save a wet book from destruction, I found an informative article from the Chicago Tribune by Amy Guth titled How to save a wet book. This article give some interesting tips on saving wet books from ruin.


  1. I remember yonks ago, when I was living with a computer programmer (a very fussy and messy one) he had bought an expensive book and brought it home. It had delicate pages and he had dumped it on the kitchen table instead of putting on the table where his computer was - so no food or drink went near it.
    Well! I bumped over my glass of Cranberry Juice and it spilled all along the pages of the closed book and all over the kitchen table and floor. I did my best to outrun the spill, but it was too fast. To make a long story short, he had a massive tantrum, throwing the book, screaming and carrying on. I offered to help him with the book, to dry it out and to stop it from getting mouldy... but he didn't want to know as he threw himself onto floor and had an all-out kicking and punching tanty (yep, like you see 5 year olds do in Walmart and Target; and this guy was 26 would you believe it?). After I walked off and ignored him he stopped his little game and asked me what to do.
    I said to him that the best thing was to leave the book open after dabbing the edges of the pages. However the pink stain wouldn't be able to be removed; that was permanent. Then, I made him laugh saying it would give a different kinda style to the other computer books he's got... :P He finally cracked a smile and thought it was funny too... after all I had to clean up the Cranberry Juice. :)

    1. Mouth dropping about your roommate's tantrum!! I didn't know 26 year old men were prone this kind of behavior, lol! At least you helped him save his book!

    2. He was an old boyfriend who wasn't all that nice. He used to read all my journals/diaries and bring up old subjects about my life and try to blackmail me with them. Blackmail was his main card when it came to him wanting his way... and when that didn't work, he began destroying my things.

      I left him a very, very long 9 months later. I'm just thankful he's out of my life. It's been almost 14 years and I'm at my happiest now.

    3. Wow, sounds like you are in a better spot in life now and at your happiest. :-) You go girl!!

    4. Oh! I am! I enjoy reading at any hour of the day or night, watching any movie - no matter how daggie - and it's all on my television and I can sleep in if I want, cook what I want and wear make-up if I want (the last one was something he hated me doing; weird huh?).

      The best thing is that all this time later, I've found a lovely man I want to spend time with. He's a complete opposite to the up-tight tanty man back then... and he also has a massive collection of books! But...(isn't there always one?)his collection is in storage in Tasmania waiting for him to bring it to Queensland. The one problem he has once it's here is storing it here... :P I'd love to see his book collect of 1,000 strong or so, and read some of his favourite books. We also have movies and food in common too. :) yes... after all this time, I've found a man who has made me happy too :D

    5. I am really happy you found someone new to share your life with now. :-) Have fun dating this new special guy/