Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bank of Books Bookstore

Bank of Books Storefront
I absolutely love visiting independent bookstores!! It is one of my favorite things to do aside from actually reading books, blogging, and participating in Bookcrossing activities! 

My hubby and I discovered another wonderful used bookstore in Ventura, California this past weekend called Bank of Books. This was our first visit to Bank of Books and I don't think that it will be our last visit either. This place is phenomenal and is a used bookstore heaven for sure!!
Interior of Bank of Books near store entrance.

First off, Bank of Books interior is H-U-G-E!! It's two stories and you could literally spend hours inside browsing through all of the books they have in stock. 

According to the Banks of Books website, there are over 200,000 books in stock in their storefront. Plus, more titles stocked in their warehouse for an approximate total of 2 million books! So, just because you don't see a book title you want sitting on one of their bookshelves, doesn't mean Bank of Books doesn't have it in stock.
Doggie water bowl and funny message!!

I met Clarey at the Bank of Books bookstore. He was nice and also helpful in answering any questions one had for him. I love it when you receive good customer service at retail stores one visits. 

Bank of Books also recently opened a second store in Malibu, California about a month ago. So, if you're in Malibu area, you may want to visit the Bank of Books storefront there. Click on the link above for the Bank of Books location in Malibu.

Also, find Bank of Books on Facebook!

The best thing about my visit to Bank of Books? The wonderful selection of used books, vintage magazines (old copies of Life/Post/Newsweek) and vintage books.

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