Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Alta Journal - California Book Club - Interior Chinatown by Charles Yu

Last Thursday evening from 5pm-6pm Pacific Daylight Time, I had the wonderful opportunity to hear Charles Yu discuss his novel, Interior Chinatown. I listened to the unabridged audio version of Interior Chinatown by Charles Yu during the Fall of 2021. I really enjoyed this novel. I was thrilled to learn that Charles Yu would be discussing his novel via Alta's California Book Club as I always enjoy hearing about an author's writing process and other tidbits they discuss with viewers/readers of their novels.

During Alta's California Book Club, John Freeman was the interviewer and he started things off with Charles Yu. Then author, Bonnie Tsui, took over and spoke with Charles Yu. See the following transcript to read what transpired during this month's California Book Club discussion.

This happens to be my first virtual book event for the 2023 calendar year. I find this kind of surprising that this is the first virtual bookish event of 2023 that I've attended as the three previous years, I ONLY attended virtual events, PERIOD, end of story. Additionally, I attended several virtual events evenly spaced throughout each year in 2020-2022.

On the other hand, with things returning to normal since the pandemic began, I guess I shouldn't be too surprised I haven't attended many virtual events this year... Well, except for the very fact that I still don't feel comfortable attending in person events at this time. I still prefer (hands down) attending virtual events. I feel like I'm the only person left on the planet that feels this way as everyone else has moved on and returned to living normally as if the pandemic never existed in the first place. 

So where do you fall on the spectrum? Have you fully returned to living life as you did before the pandemic? Or are you in some sort of hybrid situation where you have returned to some sort of modified lifestyle?


  1. I haven't fully returned to life as it was pre-Covid. I guess I'm kind of in that hybrid situation, where I do go out, but not like I once did.

    1. Then we're both in the same place. I do go out, but large group events are not my things.