Thursday, March 16, 2023

Throwback Thursday - Rediscovering A Few of My Bookish Blog Posts from 2012!

January 1, 2012 is when I created and started posting to my blog, Captivated Reader. Recently, I found it fun to stroll down memory lane and review my blog posts made during 2012. I didn't have many followers back then, but I was proud of the fact that I'd made a bookish related post each day of the year. Talk about dedication! My purpose for blogging on a daily basis was to create the habit of posting on a regular basis about all things book related.

Click on the links below to view and read my posts!

1. Books Wrapped In Human Skin - Yes, can you believe it? There are actually books wrapped in human skin! I posted about this topic on Halloween day in 2012.

2. Rules For Bookstore Flirting - Again, another fun article!

3. What Makes A Memoir 'Great'? - Love reading memoirs? See if you agree with the author of this article on what makes a memoir 'great'.

4. DIY Book Purse Craft Project! - Calling all crafters!! If you like bookish themed craft projects this may be the perfect diy project for you!

5. The Early Jobs of 24 Famous Writers - Check out this article to learn what some famous authors did for work.

6. Do these books REALLY make ONE undateable?? - What do you think?

7. Make Your Own Accordion Books!! - Another crafty project for book lovers! Go ahead and have fun with making your own accordion book.

8. Factoid of the Day! - Interesting publishing factoid.

9. The Old Man & the Sea by Hemingway Stop Motion Video! - A new spin on Hemingway's classic novel.

10. After 244 years, the Encyclopaedia Britannica is going out of print. - With advent of the internet and Wikipedia, this was bound to happen.

Happy reading!


  1. Such an interesting post. Thanks for that.

  2. It's interesting and sometimes illuminating to look back at what we had written years before. And to consider perhaps how we have changed (and hopefully grown!) in the interim.

    1. Good point, Dorothy! It has been interesting and illuminating to see how my blog has changed over the years.