Wednesday, May 1, 2019

10 AirBnBs With Libraries to Envy!

My husband and I have stayed in three different AirBnB's to date and are about to stay in our fourth AirBnB in the very near future. 

We have enjoyed staying in AirBnBs for a variety of reasons... Like the fact that they offer unique spaces to stay in while on travel. AirBnBs are quite different than hotels in many respects. Both hotels and AirBnBs each have their own set of pros and cons, but presently, I'm enjoying AirBnBs immensely.


My husband and I stayed at an Airbnb in downtown Berkeley for two nights from Friday, May 3rd through Sunday, May 5th. We chose this place as it was within easy walking distance to the Bay Area Book Festival and all the downtown eateries. We felt staying closer to the Bay Area Book Festival verses commuting in daily from our home to this popular event would be the way to go for us this year. We did enjoy being within easy walking distance to the Bay Area Book Festival, BUT this was our first BAD experience with an Airbnb! The place we stayed in was dirty upon arrival, hot water would not come out of the bathroom faucet, and we didn't sleep well at night due to the loud street noise all night (sirens, car alarms, large trucks and cars driving down the road at all hours, people talking loudly, etc.). So much for positive streak/run of good quality Airbnbs.

So, it was with some excitement that I discovered an article on Bustle's website titled, 10 Bookish Airbnbs With Home Libraries That Will Make You Swoon by Kristian Wilson. In the article, Kristian Wilson writes the following:
If you're a book nerd planning your next vacation, this might be of interest: I've got 10 Airbnbs with dreamy libraries, for every type of budget.
The apartments and houses on the list below span five continents and 10 countries. If you're a reader, you probably already understand that vacation is one of the best times to catch up on your reading. Even if you have busy days of activities planned, these places can provide the perfect refuge at night. And you just might find a new favorite book among the collections of these Airbnbs.
The best thing about these library-sporting Airbnbs is the affordable rates they offer to vacationers. Prices for the 10 bookish accommodations below start at just $36 per person per night — a score for any bargain-hunter. The most expensive listing, located in Paris, goes for more than $500 per night, but can accommodate up to 11 guests, which makes it more affordable than many vacation homes you find stateside.
Even if you aren't planning a trip, these 10 spaces might just be the inspiration for your own home library or office space.
So, now I want to take a reading vacation and stay at a Bookish AirBnB with my hubby!! The Palo Alto Bookish AirBnB looks really cool and is close to where we live.... Hmmmm, this AirBnB may be worth the visit!!


  1. I haven't tried Air BnB's - good to get some positive feedback. Cheers from Carole's chatter

    1. Yes, we've found AirBnBs to be great choices for short term stays.

  2. I have had mixed experiences with this form of lodging. One horror story, one moderately ok and one quite good. For some reason I never get much reading done on vacations, though I always plan to. Thanks for the resource.

    1. I've heard mixed reviews from others about AirBnB too!!