Wednesday, July 25, 2018

The One Thing You Should Never Do At An Author Reading Event

I'm sure there is probably more than one thing NOT to do at an author signing event! 

I came across an article on Bustle's website this morning titled, At An Author Book Reading, You Should Never, Ever Do This One Thing by Melissa Ragsdale. 

Having attended many author readings over the years, I was curious to learn which single faux pas should never, ever be uttered during the q&a segment of an author reading/signing. Ms. Ragsdale wrote in her article that the following phrase is the most dreaded phrase made by an audience member during an author event: "I have a comment and a question."

In her article, Melissa Ragsdale writes why an audience member should never utter the phrase, "I have a comment and a question.", at an author event.
Here's the thing: when I attend a reading, I'm there to listen to the author speak. Don't get me wrong, I love connecting with other book-lovers. But, there's plenty of time to do that before and after the main event. During the event, I want to hear what the author has to say, not what you have to say.

Plus the longer a person's comment/question, the more time wasted that could be used for other audience questions. Your comment robs the rest of the audience of the chance to engage with the author and have their questions answered. It also deprives the author of the valuable time they have to answer inquiries about their work. The event venue usually has a strict scheduling, meaning that time is seriously limited.
I agree with the above information written by Ms. Ragsdale. Audience members should be respectful of other audience members wanting to ask the author questions and also of time restrictions at a venue as well. 

Click on the above article to read the suggestions provided on how to share your comments with the author.

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  1. I totally agree! I would never ask a question because I'm socially awkward, but if I WAS going to ask a question, I'd wait for the Q&A portion and, if there wasn't one, just keep it to myself.