Friday, September 15, 2017

Rhys Bowen --- Author Presentation and Book Signing

I've come across Rhys Bowen's name over the past few years and am familiar with the fact that she writes three different popular mystery series. Rhys Bowen has also written a stand-alone historical novel titled, In Farleigh Field, which is set in England during World War II. 

I have yet to read any of her novels, but that will soon be remedied in the near future as I discovered in August 2017 that Rhys Bowen would be coming to a branch of our public library. 

Last night, I attended Rhys Bowen's author presentation at our local public library. I am so thrilled that I attended this event as Rhys Bowen is a delightful speaker with a lovely English accent. Rhys Bowen gave a lively talk about her novels, her writing, and various characters she has created throughout the years. Rhys Bowen was also humorous. I felt like she was one of the more entertaining and engaging author speakers I've heard speak before an audience. 

Quite a nice sized group of readers attended the Rhys Bowen author presentation and book signing. Many of them asked a lot of interesting questions during the Q & A segment. 

This was the first time I've attended an author event and signing at a public library, which made for a fun time. I came away with two signed books by Rhys Bowen - Murphy's Law: The First Molly Murphy Mystery and In Farleigh Field.

Until my next post, happy reading!


  1. What a cool looking library you have! I look forward to reading reviews of the books you got. I have not read anything by Rhys Bowen either.

    1. Yes, our local public library is beautiful. Our public library had a grand reopening on April 15, 2017. It had been closed for remodeling for 20 months, which seemed like forever!! Apparently, $6.48 million dollars was spent on renovating our public library, so I am beyond thrilled that it has a more modern and updated look to it.