Monday, September 4, 2017

Which Stephen King Novel Are You? (Quiz)

I have only read two Stephen King novels
that I can recall.
So, I wouldn't call myself a die hard 
Stephen King fan by any means.

However, I thought it was kind of fun to take the

I got: Misery

Nothing makes you happier than to have a captive audience. You like being in control of things, and you really don't like it when others try to subvert your plans. You've been disappointed by people you admire, and you had no choice but to amputate them from your life.


  1. I think I have read two. Don't remember the titles but only one was slightly in the horror genre. Horror is so not my thing. Have you really had to amputate people from your life for disappointing you? I have!

    1. I read horror only occasionally in attempts to be well rounded in terms of genres I read... But horror is normally a genre I stay from too.

      Amputate is such a strong word, isn't it?? But that's the word the quiz answer used!! But, yes, there are people I've had to cut out of my life. I cut my father out of my life in 1998 and have not looked back. We've not had any contact since then and it was for the best.