Sunday, December 20, 2015

Holiday Heat by Noelle Adams

Erotica Novella ~ eBook Edition
Holiday Heat by Noelle Adams marks the 100th read for me in 2015!! I have now officially met my reading goal for 2015, which thrills the book nerd within me to no end... For awhile there, I wasn't sure if I was going to met my personal reading goal I'd set for myself this year, as I'd been busy knitting gifts for family and friends for Christmas the past two months. 

Holiday Heat by Noelle Adams is a an ebook novella approximately 99 pages in length. It's also a holiday themed read, which I enjoy reading this time of the year with Christmas almost upon us. It's also an erotica read as well, which is a genre I enjoy reading every so often as well.

I would also like to note that I was able to download Holiday Heat by Noelle Adams for free to my Kindle from Amazon. My review of this novella is my unbiased thoughts and feelings about it.

Noelle Adams is a new to me author. I enjoy reading novellas by new to me authors, as this allows me to discover new writer to see if I like their writing style without having to make the commitment of reading a full length novel. Once I determine whether I like a new to me author or not, I then can move forward with reading a full length novel by them.

Holiday Heat by Noelle Adams is a very quick read as I was able to read it in a single afternoon. I wouldn't say that there was anything exceptional about the writing of Noelle Adams or the storyline itself. It is just your basic romance/erotica novella. But, for awhile there I didn't like one of the main characters, Matt, at first, because he was so cocky and full of himself. Matt seemed more like a stalker initially than what I'd call dating material. He also put down/say sarcastic things to the other main character, Carrie, which I didn't like. So, I almost gave up on reading this novella. In the end, Matt redeems himself and ends up being a good guy. The last half of the book ended up being my favorite part of Holiday Heat.

The following is the plot summary for Holiday Heat by Noelle Adams from the author's website:
After being hit with heartbreaking tragedy, Carrie has thrown herself into a hot, secret relationship with Matt. With Christmas approaching, she realizes she might want even more from her sexy, damaged artist, but the boundaries around their relationship make anything deeper than sex impossible.
Matt was the rising star of the art world, but he hasn't painted since a tragic accident two years ago. His passion for Carrie finally inspires him, but first he must convince her that the heat between them is far more than just sex.
I am giving Holiday Heat by Noelle Adams a rating of 2 stars out of 5 stars as it was just okay overall read for me.

Until my next post, happy reading!!

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