Wednesday, March 11, 2015

How to Marry a Matador by Ginny Baird

Romance Novel eBook Edition
I read the ebook version of How to Marry a Matador by Ginny Baird on my Kindle. I was able to download this novel from Amazon for free.

How to Marry a Matador by Ginny Baird is a short romance read and is approximately 188 pages. It is the second romance book I can recall reading by Ms. Baird.

The following is the plot summary for How to Marry a Matador by Ginny Baird from the author's website:
New York telecommunications expert Jessica Bloom has never quite gotten things right. She's failed at relationships, and only believes herself to have moved ahead at work due to dumb luck. Her fortunes change when she flies to Madrid on an acquisitions deal -- but wakes up married to a matador instead! While she's held a burning attraction to her handsome business adversary for months, she never dreamed she'd make such an enormous split-second decision. Surely, this is a mistake they can both get undone? Her new husband, however, has plans to the contrary...
Fernando Garcia de la Vega runs a telecommunications firm poised for a US takeover. What Fernando doesn't expect, is its beautiful International Division head also capturing his heart. Descended from a long line of bullfighters, Fernando stands to inherit the family's lucrative estate, if he meets the criteria in his grandfather's will and marries by age thirty-two. Yet, a marriage of convenience was something Fernando was loathe to consider... until now. When the fates conspire to put the right woman in the right place -- at the right time, how can Fernando deny his destiny? His only problem lies in convincing Jessica to remain his bride.
The following is my unbiased opinion of How to Marry a Matador by Ginny Baird.

I like reading romance novels... And yes, I like romance novels with happy endings! How to Marry a Matador by Ginny Baird does have 'the predictable happy ending'... It also contains two likable leading characters, an exotic locale, and of course, some drama that ensues when the leading lady can't decide if she wants to stay in the relationship or not... I also liked the How to Marry a Matador is a fast, easy breezy book to read.

What I didn't I like about How to Marry a Matador?? Jessica's (leading lady) best friend, Evie! Evie takes it upon herself to fly from the USA to Spain to try and talk Jessica into ditching Fernando! Jessica's an adult... Jessica is smart, savvy, and can make up her own damn mind without Evie's assistance, thank you very much. Sure Jessica has one major flaw and that is she is insecure about men ditching out on her. But I think she is perfectly capable of making up her own mind about staying married to Fernando after they hastily decided to elope in a drunken stupor. Instead, Evie shows up and talks Jessica into leaving Fernando... But does Jessica leave for good?? Not a chance! I liked that we see Fernando and Jessica reunite and move forward with their lives together as a married couple.

I'm giving How to Marry A Matador by Ginny Baird a rating of 6 stars out of 10 stars.

Until my next post, happy reading!

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