Saturday, March 14, 2015

Escapology by Chris Winterton

eBook Short Story
The following is the plot summary for Escapology by Chris Winterton from Goodreads:
A short story based on an apocryphal account of a true tale. In 1910 Harry Houdini jumped from Prince's Bridge in Melbourne, Australia. What happened was a shock to the thousands gathered on the banks, even Harry himself. 
The banks of the river were paved with mud and the water was a murky brown. Not much has changed in this regard since Harry came to town. World famous as the Handcuff King; escapist extraordinaire. Defying chains and straight-jackets with theatrical flair. 
Escapology is a short work of Historical fiction exploring the darker side of a city built on the wealth and power of one of the largest gold-rushes of the 19th Century. The event is shrouded in myth and the story threads a dual narrative suggesting at what might have been.

I read Escapology by Chris Winterton on my Kindle. It's a short story that I was able to download for free from Amazon earlier this week and it is a very quick read. Below is my unbiased opinion of Escapology by Chris Winterton.

I was initially drawn to both Escapology's title and its cover art... When I discovered that this short story takes place in Australia and involves Harry Houdini as a character, I was sold on wanting to read Escapology!! Of course, Escapology being free didn't hurt either in my decision to download it to my Kindle.

I was a little surprised how very short Escapology really was... When I downloaded it from Amazon, I'd read that Escapology was approximately 91 pages in length... But it wasn't even close to that page length. Once I finished reading Escapology, I discovered that the first seven chapters of Chris Winterton's novel Folk, was included in my download.

I wasn't to impressed with Escapology... In fact, I didn't like it very much at all. It was told through the view points of different characters and was difficult to follow. I actually read it twice to get the gist. 

I also didn't think the storyline or characters were very well developed. I would have liked to see both the characters and the story flushed out in more detail.

I'm giving Escapology by Chris Winterton a rating of 2 stars out of 10 stars.

Until my next post, happy reading!!

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