Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sex Assasins: The Rules of the Game by Miranda Merriweather

eBook Novella
I read the ebook version Sex Assasins: The Rules of the Game by Miranda Merriweather on my Kindle in a single afternoon. It's a short story, approximately 68 pages in length and is the first in a series.

I received by copy of Sex Assassins: The Rules of the Game for free through Amazon. Below is my honest review of this short story.

I liked the concept of this erotica themed short story, so looked forward to reading it. I think the character development was done well enough. Some minor editing needs to be done on the copy I read as I found errors while reading this short story.

What I didn't enjoy was the 'to be continued' storyline at the end... I think instead of making the Sex Assassins: The Rules of the Game a series of short stories, it would have been better if the author had made it into a full length novel instead... Especially considering that I downloaded Sex Assassins: The Rules of the Game 2.5 years ago and the sequel or sequels are still unavailable for sale on Amazon. It makes me wonder if the author has given up on finishing this series completely or something else altogether?? 

So, essentially, my thoughts are that the Sex Assassins: The Rules of the Game should have been made into one complete novel verses leaving readers in limbo with a single short story with a cliffhanger ending... At this point I really wonder if I'll ever see the follow up to Sex Assassins: The Rules of the Game from Miranda Merriweather.

The following is a summary for the Sex Assassins: The Rules of the Game I found of on Amazon:
1) NEVER talk about the Game. Any talk is automatic elimination from the Game and forfeit of your $5 million deposit.

2) There are two conferences: one for men, one for women. 
3) The Administrator will text you the name of one player from the opposing conference. That player is your target. You are the Assassin.
4) At the same time you receive your target, the Administrator will text your name to a player in the opposing conference, and they will hunt you.

5) You must locate your target and shoot them with the laser, while avoiding the Assassin tracking you.
6) You may hunt your target (and they may hunt you) anywhere in the world. There is no time limit, short of someone winning The Game.
7) You may NOT hunt any Player at their home, office, or in the company of others, excepting oblivious third parties like clerks, cab drivers, etc.
8) If you fire the laser, the Administrator will text to let you know whether it is a hit. If it is a hit, both Players have 24 hours to consummate the relationship sexually.

9) Upon consummation, the Administrator will text the Assassin a new target and record the "Kill."
10) The first Assassin to have sex with all players in the opposing conference wins.

Alec sends out 29 invites to The Game but reserves the last space for Catherine, the woman who broke his heart twenty years ago. After all, as the Administrator, it's his Game.
Emotionally raw Catherine feels slapped by Alec's proposition. Hasn’t it been humiliating enough for her to get publicly fired as CEO of a major software firm? Not to mention lose her marriage and her family in the process? Did she really need to know that even her first love thinks of her as Mata Hari?

Catherine walks away, nursing the wounds and freshly aware her desire for Alec has never dissipated. But after a shocking day of revelations, Catherine returns to Alec with an alternative, one that will push them both to their limits, as they play their roles in a game of corporate power, sexual fantasies, and illicit encounters.
I'm giving Sex Assassins: The Rules of the Game by Miranda Merriweather a rating of 4 stars out of 10 stars.

Until my next post, happy reading!

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