Sunday, January 4, 2015

Things Audiobook Lovers Understand!!

I love listening to audiobooks and have become quite addicted to listening to them during the last two to three years. 

Last year alone, I listened to a total of 48 audiobooks. This is the most audiobooks I've listened to in any given calendar year. I'm hoping to listen to a lot of audiobooks this year as well.

I came across an article on Bustle's website titled 21 Things Only Audiobook Lovers Understand by Caitlin White. In the article, White writes:
It’s hard to convince those hard-copy book traditionalists to move to e-books, never mind audiobooks. But as every audiobook lover knows, once you try it, you wonder how you ever had the time to sit and read a print book with your busy life. Suddenly, you’re “reading” absolutely everywhere you go, knocking chores off your list, and multi-tasking like a gosh darn pro.

Yes, listening to audiobooks are not only great to listen to while commuting, while exercising as well as many other tasks too. 

I loved many of the gifs in this article!! And yes, as an audiobook listener, I can relate to several of the things mentioned in the above article. Until my next post, happy listening!!


  1. YES!!! I can totally relate! Okay, maybe I don't look forward to cleaning...anything, but I refuse to clean the bathroom unless I have a good audiobook. Also, I have found myself sitting in my car for at least fifteen minutes because I'm listening to a good chapter.

    The only thing missing in the article is the listener's reaction when it comes to good parts. I can't seem to function well. If it's suspenseful, my eyes are wide open, my mouth is hanging open, and I'm still. Forget listening to these types of audios when I'm driving. It's dangerous.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. I can relate about the listener's reaction as well. I am riveted to an audiobook when I am listening to a particularly captivating scene/chapter of an audiobook too.

  2. Coincidentally, I listened to 48 audiobooks last year too. I'm really hoping to hit the 5-0 mark in 2015, but it's only January, so I don't want to get too ahead of myself. LOL! Thanks for passing along Caitlin White's article; I agree with pretty much all of her points, plus you're right, the GIFS were so much fun.

    Carmel @ Rabid Reads