Saturday, January 3, 2015

Six Essential Cocktail Books

Looking for a new cocktail books to add to your collection in 2015? Then checkout an article I came across on the LA Times website titled Read before you drink! Six essential cocktail books by Jenn Harris. In her article, Harris wrote the following:
If you're looking to reorganize your cookbook collection in the new year, don't forget about the cocktails. Here's a look at six cocktail books -- some old, some new -- to add to your collection.
Click on the above link to read the full article and see which six cocktail books are the most essential ones to add to your personal collection! 


  1. How about you read the books and I drink the cocktails? ^-^

    1. Lol, you made me laugh!! Since I don't drink alcohol, you've got yourself a deal... I'll read the books and you can enjoy the cocktails!

    2. Yeah...I don't really like to read cook books/cocktail books because I get easily distracted. I always find myself in the kitchen trying to eat/drink something unhealthy.

    3. Cookbooks aren't something I normally read either... Although, for some reason, slow cooker recipes are something I've been reading lately... I like the simplicity of the recipes and how easy the meals are to make. With my hubby and I slow cooker meals can last a few meals with us... Otherwise, I normally stay far away from cookbooks in general.