Thursday, January 8, 2015

Bout of Books 12 --- Day Four Wrap-Up Post!!

Day four of Bout of Books 12 has come and gone!! I took a different route today and decided to begin listening to an audiobook instead of continuing to read Nature Girl, the novel I began reading yesterday... I didn't feel much like reading much today. So, listening to an audiobook was right up my alley, as I could knit while listening to the audiobook along with other tasks.

I started listening to the abridged audio version of Garden of Beasts by Jeffrey Deaver earlier today and am about 90% finished with this novel. It's a really good historical thriller thus far and am loving all the plot twists and turns.

How was you day of reading today??


  1. Great job with your audiobook. I didn't feel too much like reading yesterday either, but I still got some done. Managed to finish a book, mainly because it was a short one. :)

    1. Thank you as usual for stopping by and leaving me a comment as usual!! Glad you were able to read some yesterday, even though you weren't feeling it. You read another book, so that's fabulous.