Monday, January 12, 2015

Hour Game by David Baldacci

Abridged Audiobook
I recently finished listening to the abridged audio version of Hour Game by David Baldacci and read by Ron McLarty. Approximate playing time for this audiobook is six hour, three minutes. Hour Game marks my fifth read/listen for 2015.

All I can say is, W-O-W, this book is riveting and fast paced. I was hooked from the start of this novel and couldn't wait to see where this novel took me next. I enjoyed both the story and the characters... With all the activity in this novel, it was difficult to try and deduce who the killer was and what their motive was for the killings while I listened to this novel. I enjoyed all the plot twists this novel had to offer. If you love thrillers, you may enjoy reading or listening to this one. I also wanted to add that Ron McLarty did an excellent job narrating this novel!

The following is the publisher's summary, which I found on Audible:
A woman is found murdered in the woods with a very special watch on her wrist, and what seemed a simple case soon escalates into a nightmare. The criminal methods of some of the most infamous killers of all time are being replicated by a new predator who stalks and strikes victims with a cunning brilliance. No one can understand the murderer's motives or who the next victim will be. 
Drawn into this violent affair are two Secret Service agents turned private investigators, Sean King and Michelle Maxwell. Both have been hired to prove a man's innocence in a domestic burglary involving an aristocratic, if dysfunctional, family. Soon, stunning secrets will lead the partners into the middle of a frantic search for a killer unlike any they've confronted before. 
As the Hour Game barrels forward, Sean and Michelle face a macabre puzzle and uncover one horrifying revelation after another. Nearing the truth, they will find that their own lives are in danger. And then they're hit with the biggest surprise of all. When you play the Hour Game, you have to play to win. But time is running out...for all of them. 
In Hour Game, best-selling master storyteller David Baldacci has created his most mind-blowing and satisfying thriller yet.

I'm giving Hour Game by David Baldacci rating of 8 stars out of 10 stars.

Until my next post, happy reading!


  1. Ooh I've been wanting to listen to another thriller. I have to see if my library has it.

    1. I hope your library has this one!! It's suspenseful and well read!

    2. They have it! I just checked it out. Will listen to it as soon as I finish the other three I checked out a few days ago. :D

    3. Oooo, enjoy! I'm curious to see what you think of it when you've finished listening to this audiobook.