Monday, September 8, 2014

A College Library Without Books?

I came across an article on the USA Today website titled A college library without books? Yep, it's a thing by Brooke Metz. In the article, Metz writes the following:
What if you walked into your school library and found it completely devoid of books? 
That’s what students at Florida Polytechnic University in Lakeland, Fla. found when the school’s brand new library opened its doors last week.
While you won’t find a single physical book in the building, the library does have an assortment of 135,000 electronic books available to students.
“Since we are a new university, we had the option to open totally digital,” says Dr. Kathryn Miller, director of libraries. “The digital resources are part of the university’s mission.”
This is the second time I've read about a library without physical books. It seems strange to me to have a library without physical books inside of it. 

But maybe the future of libraries is to be entirely book-less. What are your thoughts? Is the trend for modern libraries to be without physical books? 

Personally, I think a combination of digital, physical, and audio books are a must for all libraries. Going completely digital seems kind of extreme to me.


  1. That's the kind of library (and future!) I fear. How depressing, a library with no "real" books.

    1. Yes, I find it depressing to think that libraries have not have real books inside them either.