Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Swan Song by Lee Hanson

I read the eBook edition of Swan Song by Lee Hanson. Swan Song is the third full length mystery novel I've read by Ms. Hanson. Swan Song is approximately 311 pages and it is the second novel in the Julie O'Hara Mystery Series.

I enjoy reading mystery novels and have enjoyed Lee Hanson's two previous novels from the Julie O'Hara Mystery Series titles Mystral Murder and Castle Cay. So, it was an easy decision for me to read Swam Song this summer!! Swan Song was a fast read for me. I read it in three days. I enjoyed the storyline, the plot, the characters, and all of the suspects that could have been the killer... Just when you thought you knew the killer's identity, the person was cleared! I loved that I couldn't figure out who the killer was until the end of the novel. I also like the leading character of Julie O'Hara, a body language expert.

The following is a plot summary from Amazon:
As dawn breaks, the pale body of a beautiful, raven-haired young woman is discovered in an errant swan boat, adrift on a small lake smack in the middle of a jewel-like park in Downtown Orlando. It looks like a suicide: Snow White in a fractured fairytale. Body language expert, Julie O'Hara, isn't buying it. And that's a BIG problem, since Julie is the one person most likely to figure it out.
So, if you like well written mystery novels, then Swan Song may be the best fit for you!! I'm giving Swan Song an 8.5 star out of 10 star rating. 

Until my next post, happy reading!!

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