Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Stages: Episode One by Katie Paul

Stages: Episode One by Katie Paul is a 112 novella that is a first in a series to feature the leading character Sophie Walker.

Stages: Episode One is the first thing I've ever read by Katie Paul. I thought it was a well written work of fiction. I enjoyed the character development of the leading character, Sophie Walker and also the story development. Even though I liked reading Stages: Episode One, I found it difficult to read about Sophie Walker's struggles with her own body image... All the binging and restricting of her diet, the taking of laxatives, and her negative self body image were tough to read about in this book. 

I've never had a eating disorder, so I do not know personally what it is like for a person going through this difficult situation. However, with that said, I felt like the author, Katie Paul, gives us a glimpse into what it must be like for those dealing with a eating disorder.

I didn't enjoy everything about Stages: Episode One. For instance, the ending of Stages: Episode One was a cliffhanger, so you have to but the next installment to see what happens. I don't like cliffhangers, so most likely won't read the rest of the series... And as much as I think Katie Paul is a decent writer, I just wouldn't want to read any more about the difficulties Sophie Walker is going through in terms of her body image or about the negative relationship she has with her VERY rude husband who doesn't treat her with respect.

The following is a plot summary for Stages: Episode One that I found on Amazon's website:
If Sophie comes out of the shadows, will she lose everyone and everything? 
Sophie Walker spends each night in darkness at the side of a stage, producing the alchemy of theatre. Her job is invisible to most people and so, it would seem, is her life. In an attempt to come out of the shadows, Sophie enters a body-building competition, sculpting her body into the best shape of her life. But such discipline is hard to maintain, and Sophie finds herself locked in a destructive cycle of bingeing and restricting.

When she hits rock bottom, she chooses to give up dieting forever. But the road to healing is not what she expects, and she is forced to confront issues in her marriage, her job, her friendships, and her identity as an independent woman.

This is a tale about love, sexuality, success, feminine beauty and enlightenment.
I'm giving Stages: Episode One a rating of 7 stars out of 10 stars. 

Until my next post, happy reading!!

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