Thursday, June 26, 2014

10 Manga Series’ Better Than Western Comics

I recently bought a manga book, which I look forward to reading soon, hopefully... I'm new to the manga genre, which has me wondering more about this genre in general. So, when I came across an article on titled, 10 Manga Series’ Better Than Any Western Comics by Raymond Bohigas, I decided to check it out. In the article, Bohigas writes:
Not unlike western comics, manga is a phenomenon staggering in its scope and dazzling in its complexity. It stretches across many decades, involves thousands of authors, and spans dozens of genres. In a nutshell, it is a world of its own. 
Alas, manga and anime haven’t traditionally enjoyed all that much popularity in western countries. Where superhero comics have oft been regarded as something for little kids, popular thought frequently seems to characterise manga as something intrinsically sleazy, likely to feature naughty tentacles or worse. Indeed, otaku were once the geeks other geeks looked down on.
And while things have changed for the better over the years (being a manga aficionado no longer carries the stigma it once did and there is a much broader offer of licensed manga to be found in western markets), manga remains something of a niche interest. Even now, it is not all that strange to encounter comic readers who regard manga as something for weirdoes who like to cosplay in conventions, blissfully unaware of the fact that some manga series’ have reached heights of storytelling that match the best western comics have to offer.
Click on the above link to read which manga series' made the list!

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