Monday, April 15, 2013

The Prodigal Daughter by Jeffery Archer

Abridged Audio Compact Disc
Last month, I enjoyed listening to the abridged audio version of Archer's novel Kane & Abel. I enjoyed listening to Kane & Abel well enough, to purchase and listen to the abridged audio version of The Prodigal Daughter also written by Jeffery Archer, which happens to be the sequel to Kane & Abel.

I wasn't impressed with The Prodigal Daughter. Frankly, it was boring in comparison to Kane & Abel. I didn't like the way in which Lorelei King narrated the The Prodigal DaughterShe just didn't do a good job, in my opinion, of bringing this story to life for me.

Mostly though, I felt that the first half of The Prodigal Daughter was largely the retelling of the events of Kane & Abel. Albeit some of the retelling was told through the eyes of Florentyna Kane, the lead character of The Prodigal Daughter, giving us a sense of her perspective. I simply felt that retelling so much of Kane & Abel, was a disservice to those of us that had already read or listened to the audio version of Kane & Abel. The rest of The Prodigal Daughter was less than captivating and as I already mentioned, VERY BORING!!

Also, the storyline felt disjointed, which may have been largely due to the fact that the audio version of The Prodigal Daughter was abridged.

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