Sunday, April 14, 2013

Celebrate National Library Week --- April 14-20th, 2013

Libraries are a wonderful place to learn new things! So, take the time to celebrate National Library Week --- April 14-20th, 2013 by visiting your local library this week to participate in events that are taking place to celebrate National Library Week! 

One such fun event taking place this week is called National Library Week Book Spine Poetry Contest. So, what's a book spine poem you may be wondering? According to the @ your library website, a book spine poem is defined as follows: "It is a poem composed using the spines of books stacked on one another to create a free verse poem."

To learn more about creating and submitting a book spine poem online, click on the @ your library link above for more details. Book spine poems must be submitted by April 20th.


  1. Ok that poetry contest is neat. My library doesn't seem to be doing much... but I still love this week!!

    1. I like the poetry contest idea too. I'm hoping to get to our local library this week so that I may take part in this contest. But, I have a busy week ahead and may not have the chance to do so before the April 20th deadline.