Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Joe Mamma's Coffee in Avila Beach, California

The first weekend of April, my hubby & I took a road trip to Monterey, California to celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary. 

On our journey northbound we stopped off in Avila Beach to have coffee at Joe Momma's Coffee for two very specific reasons. 

1. My hubby & I enjoy drinking coffee from local coffee houses and we'd heard that Joe Mamma's was a great place to enjoy espresso type beverages... We also heard that Joe Momma's Coffee had an awesome view of the Pacific Ocean, made it an even more worthwhile place to visit as well.

2. I'm a VERY ACTIVE member on Bookcrossing and I'd discovered through the Bookcrossing website that Joe Momma's Coffee was also designated as an Official Bookcrossing Zone... An
Official Bookcrossing Zone is defined by Bookcrossing as follows:

A BookCrossing member, with the permission of the location manager, sets up a box, shelf, corner, etc. to become a centralized location for exchanging books. These zones are "official" because a BookCrosser (or a group of BookCrossers) made a commitment to keep a place stocked with books. If the OBCZ is linked to a business, the "official" also indicates the permission of the manager/owner of the business to have the OBCZ located there.
I love exchanging books with other readers. Prior to our trip to Monterey, I'd finished reading a couple of books and I wanted to leave them at Joe Momma's Coffee for other readers to enjoy. 

So, after enjoying our deliciously well made beverages at Joe Momma's Coffee --- I had a hot mocha, which tasted divine and my hubby thoroughly enjoyed a blended strawberry-lemonade --- I left my two paperback novels on the upper level bookshelf in Joe Momma's Coffee designated for people to exchange books. 

I also searched through the small selection of books sitting on the bookshelf and walked away with a cozy mystery novel to read.

I highly recommend visiting Joe Momma's Coffee should you ever find yourself in Avila Beach, California. Joe Momma's Coffee is located in the heart of Avila Beach's charming tourist area and is easy to find. We enjoyed the ambiance at Joe Momma's Coffee. The fact that Joe Momma's Coffee is located across the street from the beach and offers unobstructed views of the Pacific Ocean, only enhanced our experience. The staff members we encountered during our brief visit were warm and friendly

So, smiles all around. We left happy campers!

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