Thursday, March 21, 2013

Vidya Books --- The book, as reimagined by video game makers.

I came across an article on the Polygon website titled Vidya Books seek to make reading interactive with help of Kickstarter by Samit Sarkar. In the above mentioned article, Samit Sarkar writes the following:
The creators of Vidya Books, a project that seeks to reimagine books for the 21st century on iPad and iPhone, have taken to Kickstarter to try to raise the final $10,000 they need to launch the app.

The Vidya Books app contains interactive books that resemble Choose Your Own Adventure books, with the reader being able to change the story as the words appear by touching the screen and manipulating the device in other ways.

Vidya Books is a project from a company named Vidya Gamer. Its founder, Joe Booth, has 25 years of experience in game development, and he created Vidya Books because he wanted something that could help older children learn to read.
There is also an awesome video with the founder of Vidya Gamer, Joe Booth, that really nails what Vidya Books is all about! 

Joe Booth's message personally inspired me to contribute a nominal amount of money through Kickstarter in order to help Vidya Gamer, LLC reach their financial goal. The money raised through Kickstarter will "help to cover the final costs to finish writing and programming, and then publish our first book."

When the first Vidya Book is released, I'll be receiving a copy of it for my iPad. I'm really excited to see how this interactive book turns out.

As of this writing, Vidya Books has raised over $11,000!! There is still 25 days left through Kickstarter to help fund Vidya Books.
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  1. This sounds neat. I love pick your adventure books!

    1. I love pick your own adventure books too! In elementary school, I remember reading several of them. Now, it looks like Vidya Books will be making them more interactive. :-)

  2. Please note that the kickstarter coverage is based on an inaccuracy, namely, Vidya Books/ VidyaBooks, LLC is in no way connected to the Alex Gamer. I have been the owner of Vidya Books since 1991, and I am a legitimate business... and the coverage on Kickstarter has nothing to do with my business.
    Rashmi Sharma Singh

  3. Thank you for publishing my clarification.
    Rashmi Sharma Singh,
    CEO, Vidya Books.

    1. Your welcome! Best of luck to you and your company.