Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Almost Moon by Alice Sebold

Yesterday evening, I finished listening to the unabridged, audiobook version of The Almost Moon written by Alice Sebold and read by actress Joan Allen. This is the first novel I've read (or listened to rather) by Alice Sebold.

I had no idea what to expect when I first began listening to 'The Almost Moon'. I'd wondered what Alice Sebold's writing style would be like and how Joan Allen would read the novel.
I really enjoyed listening to this novel. I thought that Joan Allen did an amazing job of reading 'The Almost Moon' and I'm not sure anyone could have done a better job of doing so.

I think Alice Sebold is an excellent storyteller and writes quite a cast of complex characters.

What a dysfunctional family to the extreme when it comes to Helen and her parents. The twisted dynamic between mother-daughter in a real love-hate relationship. I can't say that I really loved any of the main characters of this novel as they were so dark and unlikeable, but Alice Sebold did a fabulous job of creating realistic characters and telling their story in a credible, believable way.

I was surprised that the ending of this novel ended the way in which it did. I can only presume that the lead character followed through with her intended plan. Perhaps it doesn't really matter that we are left to leave the details to our own imagination.

I happened to read some of the reviews of  'The Almost Moon' on both Amazon and Barnes and Noble. I was surprised that the overall rating on both websites for 'The Almost Moon' was 2.5 stars out of 5. I guess not many people enjoyed reading this book!


  1. I read the Lovely Bones by Sebold and thought it was really good. But a tough tough read. Very sad. The movie did not do that book justice! I should read this one too!

    1. I've heard of 'The Lovely Bones', but haven't read it. 'The Almost Moon' was a tough read as well, so I can only imagine that 'The Lovely Bones' would be the same way.