Saturday, March 30, 2013

Slay It With Flowers by Kate Collins

Slay It With Flowers by Kate Collins is the second installment of the Flower Shop Mystery series and it's a cozy mystery novel.

I enjoyed reading 'Mum's the Word' earlier this month, which is the first cozy novel in the Flower Shop Mystery series. I must say though that 'Slay It With Flowers' is a much better read than 'Mum's the Word'.

In 'Slay It With Flowers', the storyline is a lot more interesting and so are the characters. I found myself drawn into the plot and who really committed the murder.

Here's a plot synopsis of  'Slay It With Flowers' from the author, Kate Collins's website:
Law school drop-out-turned-flower shop owner Abby Knight has been asked to be a bridesmaid by her cousin. But before the couple says "I do," a groomsman disappears-and another member of the wedding party is found dead. Abby has to hurry down an aisle of suspects to unveil the truth-and make sure the bride still gets to the church on time.
There are a few drawbacks/complaints I have about the first two books in this series and they are as follows:

1)  Abby Knight is the main character in the Flower Shop Mystery Series and her father is a retired police officer, yet she rarely seeks advice from her father on how to go about interviewing suspects or searching for evidence. I'd be running ideas by my dad and asking for help left and right.... So, why wouldn't she do so?? 

2) Abby's mother is an annoying character I'd like to read less about. 

3) Abby is frequently called a meddler by friends and co-workers, which I find annoying.... Abby likes to solve crimes, so what? 

4) Lastly, Abby does get herself in to some pretty sticky situations that could be deadly, but I guess she wouldn't be an amateur sleuth if she didn't, right? I just wish she'd have a little more common sense and not put herself in so much danger.


  1. Hahahahaa... from the title I thought this book was going to be a cross between a mystery of flowers and Buffy the Vampire Slayer... :P

    Sounds like a great read. :D

    1. If I didn't know any better, I would have guessed this cozy mystery novel might have vampires in it too from the title.