Monday, October 8, 2012

Awesome Library in Spijkenisse, Norway!!

OMG, how awesome is this public library in Spijkenisse, Norway!?!?!?!?! 

My husband shared a link with me to the Gizmodo website, where I read an article by Andrew Liszeski titled I Want to Climb Every Page of This Book Mountain. I now want to climb every page of this book mountain too. 

I wish we had a public library here in Carpinteria, California that looks like the public library in Spijkenisse, Norway. Click on above link to view photographs.


  1. This may sound really, really weird, but when I see pictures of bookstores or libraries like these - where people have built things with books in such a way, it's beautiful - my heart races and my mouth waters. To me these kinds of things look like a meal ready to be devoured...

    I said it sounded weird. :P

    1. Hey, you're talking to another book lover here!! My mouth may not water, nor does my heart race seeing pictures of bookstores or libraries like this, but the pictures do make me want to rush off to visit place.

      On another note, I've recently heard of a 7 or 9 story bookstore open 24 hours a day in Hong Kong. It sounds like heaven if you ask me, lol!!