Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Nightmare In Shining Armor by Tamar Myers

Nightmare In Shining Armor by Tamar Myers is the 8th novel in the Den of Antiquity cozy mystery series.

I've been reading this series of cozy mystery novels off and on over the past few years. Not in chronological order mind you, but reading them ever since I read the first novel in the series. Some of the novels in the Den of Antiquity series have been awesome; Well written, funny, engaging and quirky. Other books in this same series have not been so wonderful at all.

Fortunately, Nightmare In Shining Armor, is one of the better novels in this series. I enjoyed the storyline immensely. The plot moved along at a good pace and was cohesive. The characters were entertaining and engaging. I found myself laughing and smiling at appropriate places within the story and so on. 

The only complaint I have with this particular novel, is that the last two chapters were kind of weak and seemed rushed, like the author was in a hurry to end the novel. I think that more could have been embellished as to how the leading character, Abigail Timberlake, was rescued at the end of the novel. Also, the last chapter was too short and tidy. More embellishment was once again needed with regards to Abigail's nuptials and pending decision to move to Charleston, South Carolina.

Otherwise on the whole, Nightmare In Shining Armor, was a wonderful novel to read and I would recommend it to other avid cozy mystery readers!

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