Friday, October 12, 2012

Mo Yan wins Nobel Prize in Literature

I read an article in the Washington Post, written by Steven Moore titled Chinese fiction writer Mo Yan wins Nobel Prize in Literature. In the article, Moore writes:
In recent years, the Nobel Prize in Literature has often gone to deserving but little-known and under-published writers, setting off a scramble to reissue whatever might be available. This year, fortunately, the prize has gone to a well-deserving and well-published writer: the wild man of Chinese fiction, Mo Yan, whose pen name means “Don’t speak.”

Announcing the prize Thursday morning, the Swedish Academy praised Mo Yan’s “hallucinatory realism,” which “merges folk tales, history and the contemporary.” The prize is worth about $1.2 million.

I've never read anything by Mo Yan, let alone heard of him before!! I am, however, looking forward to reading some of his published works.

Click on above link to read the full store and watch a video.

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