Friday, August 3, 2012

Will These 10 Pickup Lines For Flirting At The Bookstore Work For You?

I came across the following article, 10 Pickup Lines For Flirting At The Bookstore by Chelsea Aaron, on The Date Report website.

I'm married (happily --- by the way), but I wonder if the pick up lines in Chelsea Aaron's article would really work? If I was single, I can't imagine the following pick up line, “I see that you can read. That shit’s hot.”, working on me. 

What's the best pick up line you've ever been told? Have you ever been hit on at a bookstore? All the pick up lines I've been told over the years were completely cheesy..... I've never been hit on in a bookstore before.


  1. I've had some really cheesy chat-up lines... but never once have I had a guy try to pick me up in a bookstore, as nobody wants to be picked up there. I think it's because most people are looking for something that might be for somebody else, is on a sensitive subject or just a good bargain.
    However, I remember when I worked for an insurance company - a big one - I found I could lie a little about which department I worked in when a guy wanted to show me his car (in a vain effort to get me alone). One poor little rich kid came up to me in a nightclub once and said,'I have a Porche, wanna come and see it?' I smiled and said, 'Nah, I work for _____ Insurance company (I won't say who) in assessing at Chermside, I see plenty of cars like that. Thanks for the offer, it must be a nice one.' he got flustered and told me it was a Boxer... my first thought: 'A chick's car?'but I didn't say. I still refused. He had the biggest hissy fit about my refusal and stormed out saying I was missing out.
    The following week, I was at the same club to meet up with friends. The same poor little rich kid from the week before approached me and told me that I had lied to him, that he had checked up on my story and that I don't work at Chermside and that I'm a lowly little mail clerk. I smiled, 'Yeah, well, I have lunch with the Assessors, I didn't think you'd know the difference seeing you don't work there.'
    Boy! Did he get snotty! And that's when a cheesy chat-up line both didn't work and went too far... which is a worry on both counts!

    1. Lol, your being picked up line was hilarious. Better than my story, but I'll share it with you anyway. Some guy in high school I didn't even know, approached me one day with a group of his friends and asked me if I wanted to wear his jacket. I'd never met this guy before, but had noticed him gawking at me on a few occasions during lunch break over the course of the school year. Anyway, I remember responding to his question by asking "Why would I want to wear your jacket? I don't even know you." (BTW, it wasn't even cold outside in case you were wondering and his jacket had the name and logo of a club he and all his friends belonged to.) He became really flustered and turned red because I had turned him down in front of his friends. I don't know why he'd be surprised, I didn't even know him. He attempted to give me a bunch of lame reasons why I should wear his jacket and I just walked off telling him I wasn't interested in wearing his jacket. A few of his friends ended up chuckling at him.