Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My Latest Book Adventure!!

Little Free Library
This past weekend, I visited my very first Little Free Library in Ventura, California with my hubby!! It was a fun and awesome experience to find this cute Little Free Library in a charming Ventura neighborhood. 

I'm posting two photographs of this extremely cute, little free library box, that I discovered planted at the edge of someone's residential property. 

This particular little free library is well maintained and nicely decorated. It was also filled with a nice selection of paperback books in almost new condition. Most of the books were children's books, but there were some books for adults. I ended up leaving two books registered on Bookcrossing inside the little free library and taking two books to read at my leisure. 

Little Free Library
I'm hoping that whomever finds and reads the two books I left inside the little free library will also become a member of Bookcrossing and make a journal entry for both books. It'll be exciting to see where these books travel.

For more information about the Little Free Library, please click on the above link. Until my next blog post, happy reading!!


  1. Very cute! I just visited a nicely kept OBCZ in Toronto, Canada. It was a joy to pick up a few books and leave some during my trip there. It takes so little to amuse me.

    1. I'm easily amused when it comes to books too. Tomorrow, I have a post scheduled regarding my recent visit to an OBCZ in Ventura, California. Stay tuned!