Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Love, Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli

I love reading books by Jerry Spinelli. His novels are awesome and Love, Stargirl is no exception!

I first became acquainted with Jerry Spinelli's novels last year when I was given a copy of his novel, Stargirl, from a friend as a gift. Incidentally, Stargirl is the first novel of a duology with Love, Stargirl being the second novel in the duology.

I enjoyed reading Love, Stargirl just as much as I enjoyed reading Stargirl. Love, Stargirl is a little differently written from Stargirl in that it is written as a series of letters that Stargirl writes to her former boyfriend, Leo Borlock, whom she hopes will be her boyfriend once again in the future. Stargirl doesn't send off all the letters she's written to Leo until the end of the novel. This gives the novel the feeling you're reading someone's personal diary, not a series of letters. Plus, we have insight to Stargirl's personal feelings written in the letters to Leo that we might not see otherwise expressed in a traditionally written novel.

I liked reading the letters Stargirl writes to Leo. The letters contain information about her new life in Pennsylvania, away from Mica Arizona, and all the new people and adventures she has. I love all the new characters and people Stargirl meets while living in Pennsylvania with her parents. I love that Stargirl is a free spirit and independent thinker who thinks outside the box. What a great role model for teenage girls!

Below is a YouTube trailer of Love, Stargirl. Enjoy!

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