Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Latte 101 Coffee House & Official Bookcrossing Zone!

Latte 101 Coffee House in Ventura, California!
I've been visiting the Latte 101 Coffee House in Ventura, California off and on since the summer of 2008. 

It's a charming coffee house located in your typical strip mall. The ambiance is warm and friendly. The staff is also friendly and they make awesome beverages... Everything from smoothies, iced blended drinks and your run of the mill espresso beverages. Latte 101 even has pastries for your eating pleasure. Plus, I enjoy the board games they have on hand to play during one's visit and free wifi!

Best of all, Latte 101 is also the location of an Official Bookcrossing Zone (OBCZ)!! There is a tall, black unit lined with several bookshelves inside Latte 101. Just turn right after you enter Latte 101 and you'll see plenty of books lining the bookshelves, making this a well stocked OBCZ. 

There use to be regular Bookcrossing monthly meet-ups at Latte 101, but I haven't seen one there in a while. So, I wonder if they're still going on? Bookcrossing meet-ups are a great way to meet other avid readers to discuss the books you've read or would like to read and also exchange books!

Last weekend, I left thirteen books registered on Bookcrossing on the bookshelves at Latte 101 and came home with three cozy mystery novels. 

Before I left Latte 101, I ordered a hot, spicy chai tea latte, which is one of my favorite drinks to enjoy at Latte 101.

Until my next post, happy reading!

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