Sunday, May 20, 2012

Speaking of Stories ~~ From Page to Stage!

Tomorrow is my birthday and it's a cause for celebration! 

My hubby and I celebrated my birthday this weekend. One of the things we did to celebrate the occasion was to attend a matinee performance of Speaking of Stories at the Center Stage Theater in downtown Santa Barbara, California this afternoon. 

Speaking of Stories is a phenomenal event to attend. Their mission statement is as follows: 
To promote the appreciation of literature through live theatrical readings and through educational programs, aimed particularly toward at risk youth in our community.

In an era of visual media that depreciates the value of literature and the written word, the theatrical and educational outreach programs of Speaking of Stories enhance the quality of life for citizens in our community. Speaking of Stories, through entertaining theatrical performances, provides South Coast residents with a rare opportunity to enjoy hearing fiction and non-fiction read aloud by stage and film actors. Our Word Up! educational outreach program is unique because it uses the spoken word as a catalyst to encourage personal self-expression and a sense of belonging within a community while improving literacy and self-confidence. This program is geared primarily to at-risk youth in our community. Our workshop instructors provide a non-threatening, entertaining format that not only increases students’ motivation to read literature and remain in school but also the likelihood that they will become productive citizens. Many of our teen and young adult participants have said that Word Up! changed their lives and increased their self-esteem.
There are usually five Speaking of Stories events annually. Each with a different theme. Today's stories fell under the Celebration of Stories categories. 

Here's the list of stories read aloud today, accompanied by the author who wrote the story and the stage and/or movie actor who read the story.

1) "Balthazar's Marvelous Afternoon" by Gabriel Garcia Marquez read by Jeff Mills
2) "The Debutante's Return" by Jay McInerney read by Meredith McMinn

3) "Shakers" by Daniel Orozco read by Joe Spano

4) "The Flowers" by Alice Walker read by Michael Morgan 

We enjoyed all the stories and readings this afternoon. However, my favorite story and reading was of "The Debutante's Return" by Jay McInerney read by Meredith McMinn. The story was sad and humorous at the same time. Plus, I felt that Meredith McMinn did a wonderful reading of "The Debutante's Return". 

My husband's favorite story and reading was of "Shakers" by Daniel Orozco read by Joe Spano, which was my second favorite of the stories/readings this afternoon.


  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday! Sounds like you did something fun.

  3. Thank you for the birthday wishes. I have had an incredible birthday today. I am truly blessed to have an amazing mother, hubby, family and friends!!