Friday, May 18, 2012

Jonah Lehrer lecture at the UCSB's Campbell Hall

Last night, my husband and I had the pleasure of attending an evening lecture at UCSB's Campbell Hall that was part of the UCSB Arts & Lectures Innovation Matters series

Last evening's guest speaker was none other than, Jonah Lehrer, the best-selling author of Imagine: How Creativity Works, How We Decide, and Proust Was a Neuroscientist. Jonah Lehrer is a frequent contributor to The New Yorker and Radiolab. Plus, he also writes a column for The Wall Street Journal called the "Head Case".

Jonah Lehrer spent last night speaking about how the creative process works. In essence, he touched upon the themes and topics written about in his current, best-selling, nonfiction book, Imagine: How Creativity Works, which I've yet to read at this time. 

My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed learning just how the creative process works, along with the various stories, insights, and quotes that Jonah Lehrer shared throughout the evening's discussion. 

I'd say the lecture given by Jonah Lehrer lasted roughly 45 minutes and was followed by a lengthy audience question and answer session. Audience members asked some really great questions of Jonah Lehrer. I enjoyed hearing his responses to the questions asked by the audience.

Listen to the following interview of Jonah Lehrer on NPR's radio program, All Things Considered, and learn more about how creativity works!! It's an 8 to 9 minute audio clip and well worth listening to. Enjoy!!

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