Friday, May 25, 2012

Paperback Alley Used Bookstore

Paperback Alley
Paperback Alley Used Bookstore is one of those bookstores I'd had been driving by for a couple of years. Every time I'd see the Paperback Alley Used Bookstore storefront, I'd tell myself I needed to make time for a visit as bookstores are one of my favorite places to visit.

Well, last Saturday afternoon, I finally made my first visit to Paperback Alley. It's a wonderful bookstore to visit... The interior space of Paperback Alley is a lot larger than one would anticipate looking at it from the outside. Paperback Alley is a bookstore one could easily spend several hours inside of searching for books to read and becoming lost inside the pages of a good read. 

Paperback Alley

I was so wonderfully impressed with the vast selection of book titles to choose from a wide range of genres ... Paperback Alley is truly a book lovers paradise, providing a quaint, cozy, and intimate setting in which to enjoy the pleasure of perusing bookshelves in search of just the right book... Or two, or three or more!

I look forward to many return visits to Paperback Alley as there are several books on my wishlist that I saw on their bookshelves waiting to fill my reading addiction.  

Paperback Alley
Ruda is the name of the lovely lady who operates Paperback Alley. She provides the best customer service and is a delight to converse with during your visit.  Paperback Alley is open Monday through Saturday from  10:30am to 5pm. The phone number to contact Paperback Alley Used Bookstore is (805) 967-1051.

Paperback Alley
I invite you to make a visit to the Paperback Alley Used Bookstore! It's definitely worth the visit. Until my next post, happy reading!

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