Thursday, May 17, 2012

Book People Unite!!

 Book People Unite!! What's Book People Unite all about?
Were bringing together people who share our love of reading to help us get books in the hands of kids who need them most. The movement recognizes the incredible effect books can have on a childs imagination, sparking ambition, overcoming obstacles and inspiring curious minds.
The pledge!!
If you're a Book Person, tell the world. Books open new worlds and unlock new doors. Take the Book People Unite pledge and declare your belief in the transformative power of books, especially for young minds. Encourage your friends to join the movement too by sharing online and you'll get a download of the full Book People Unite track. We'll also follow up with news on the Book People Unite movement.

I love the idea of promoting literacy and the love of reading in youngsters. Children are our future. Giving them the tools to succeed in life is important.


  1. I read to my niece from a young age - and instilled the passion for books and reading from the age of 4 or 5 - and she now has a great collection of books to read. I'm starting to give her books to expand her reading world now as a teenager; and she's 12 and in high school.

    When I'm no longer around in this world, I've told her, my book collection will be hers to care for and enjoy. :D
    So, the passion of collecting will be going on strong in the family :D

    1. Wow, sounds like you're a wonderful Auntie. I don't live close enough to read to our niece and nephew, but I've given them many books as gifts over the years.