Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!!

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mothers of the world that make the world a better, safer place for all of us to live!

I'm blessed to have a wonderful mother myself, with whom I am very close. She's been an exceptional mother and my best friend as well. 

I'm looking forward to sharing some time well spent together this Mother's Day weekend with my mom... There is nothing better than mother/daughter bonding. Have a great Mother's Day!

I am also adding a delightful book title that is appropriate for the Mother's Day holiday. It's a book titled Mothers & Daughters and is a collection of twelve short stories written by well known writers (such as Diana Gabaldon, Faye Kellerman, etc.) and their daughters. 

I was given this book several years ago by my maternal grandmother. We both share a love of reading books and have swapped books with each other over the years. I read Mothers & Daughters around 2006 and I enjoyed reading it immensely! In fact, I gave this book a 10 star rating on Bookcrossing. You may read my review of Mothers & Daughters on Bookcrossing by visiting the following link:

Here's the Amazon Editorial Review of Mothers & Daughters:
Mothers and daughters share a kinship so close that looking at each other is often like gazing into a mirror. Now famous mothers and their daughters merge their imaginations and talents and share the richness of the heart in this extraordinary short-story collection that celebrates the joys of motherhood and family.
Collaborating for the first time with their daughters on works of fiction, twelve of today's most acclaimed female authors have crafted original short stories, punctuated by wit and wisdom, poignancy and humor, exclusively for this volume. Each story is accompanied by a personal introduction and a delightful family snapshot. The result is a heartwarming and intimate look at the powerful bond between mothers and daughters.
Inspired by real-life experiences, these twelve tales reveal the dynamics of family, the bonds of love, and the woman-to-woman heritage passed down from mother to daughter. A diagnosis of illness... the unexpected impact of a lottery win...a family shattered by divorce...the hilarious pitch perfect exchange between teenager and her mom at the mall. Each story rings true, and vividly depicts the complex and enduring relationship between mothers and daughters. Wise and witty, poignant and profound, this unique anthology captures the love between these unforgettable women, whose voices touch our hearts and draw us closer. Mothers & Daughters: Celebrating the Gift of Love in 12 New Stories is a book to be cherished by mothers and daughters alike.
 Sadly, Mothers & Daughters is no longer in print at this time. However, you may find used copies of this book for sale on Amazon's website.

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