Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Where do you like to read?

I find that I do most of my reading at home in our living room while seated comfortably on the sofa or occasionally while seated at our kitchen table. I like to read when it's quiet or sometimes while listening to music playing softly in the background. The time of day I like to read doesn't really matter... Anytime is a good time to read in my book!!

I also enjoy reading while taking long train trips as it helps pass the time when traveling alone. However, my favorite place to read though is at the beach or at a favorite park next to my hubby or with friends on a warm, sunny day in a comfortable chair with hats, sunglasses, sunscreen & a picnic basket or cooler in tow. This scenario doesn't happen as often as I'd like though! So, I guess it's time to start making that happen more often.
I use to love reading at coffeehouses, but now I find them too noisy and distracting these days to accomplish much reading... I also use to love reading at libraries too, but I don't frequent libraries like I use to do anymore.

Where do you like to read? Do you have a favorite time of day you like to read or a favorite spot you enjoy reading at when you do sit down to read?

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  1. I love to read just about anywhere... so long it's quiet enough. Usually, I enjoy reading outside my unit on the curb of the garden bed across from my front door in Winter. However, it's been quite wet lately, so I'm stuck inside for now and I'm usually reading on the lounge with my feet up on the coffee table nibbling on cashews or seedless grapes. Or if I don't have that,I'll be sipping tea or coffee

    Often, you'll find me snuggling into bed reading a book just before turning out the light. I know it's not a good habit to get into, but I do enjoy relaxing with a book then. However, there's always that danger of being kept up by that very book until well past midnight... isn't there? :)

    I try not to read on public transport, there's always a danger of going past your stop and forgetting to get off... not a good look. :P