Sunday, March 11, 2012

Murder of a Bookstore Babe by Denise Swanson

I recently finished reading Murder of a Bookstore Babe by Denise Swanson, which is the 13th installment of Swanson's Scumble River Mysteries Series. Murder of a Bookstore Babe is actually the first cozy mystery novel I've ever read by Denise Swanson and I really enjoyed reading this novel quite a bit largely because the storyline was well written and filled with many red herrings.

Murder of a Bookstore Babe is your typical cozy mystery with the leading character being a female amateur sleuth. In this case, the leading lady & amateur sleuth is school psychologist Skye Denison, who also spotlights as a consultant for the local police department. For the most part, I enjoyed the character of Skye Denison as well as the rest of the characters... Some of the characters were a bit annoying, but nothing one couldn't get past. Murder of a Bookstore Babe started of a bit slow, but picked up speed and kept my attention throughout the rest of the novel.

Here's a description of Murder of a Bookstore Babe from the author's website:

Who could be driven to kill by books and sweets? While school psychologist Skye Denison eagerly anticipates the grand opening of a new bookstore called Tales & Treats, many of Scumble River's most outspoken citizens want to shut down the owners before they even open — and one is angry enough to commit murder...

Dropping off some books at Tales & Treats, Skye trips over a toppled bookcase, which has crushed a woman beneath its weight. While police search for motives, Skye sees the messy aftermath of a half-baked plot to murder somebody else. Skye is juggling her own busy life, but when all the clues lead to dead ends, she turns up the heat on her own investigation ... and stumbles upon the deadly secret that got this bookstore babe done in. And if Skye isn't careful, the killer just might make her the sequel...
Until my next post, happy reading!

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